Bracelet Reminds of Soldier’s Pain

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EUGENE, Ore. — What started as a small idea to help a local soldier, has now reached across the country.

Oregon native Alexander Hussey was injured in an attack in Afghanistan earlier this August. As a way to remember his pain, Hussey’s cousin Robert made a bracelet. The bracelet was made out of para chord, the same material that used to be used in military parachutes.

“He sacrificed himself for our country. That’s something plenty of people wouldn’t do” said Robert Hussey.

Robert thought friends or family would want a bracelet, so he put a link on Facebook. Strangers from the East Coast are now ordering the bracelet, 160 in just a few days. Proceeds will go to help Alex Hussey’s recovery.


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  1. darwin evans says:

    my name is darwin evans and seen this about the braclet i have two nephew that is serving and i want to purchase one of those braclets i think this is wounderfull thing Robert is doing i dont now how to get one please help me my cell # 541-606-9912

    1. KEZI Staff says:


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