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EUGENE, Ore. — National Breast Cancer Awareness Month Oct. 1. It’s a time for organizations to work together to raise awareness and money to fight the disease.

One Eugene business is doing its part by holding a unique contest and having fun at the same time.

Inside Dandelion’s Flowers & Gifts are the usual bouquets, gifts and vases; but for the next few weeks, there will be bras, lots and lots of bras.

“People can come in, decorate a bra and submit it,” said Toviana Jackson, Marketing Manager and Wedding Consultant.

It’s called Bras for a Cure, and it’s in full swing during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. For $10, people can enter their designs and compete for the top prize. All proceeds go to the Willamette Valley Cancer Institute Foundation.

“My grandmother and aunt have passed away from breast cancer, so it’s very close to us,” said Shirley Lyons, Dandelions Flowers & Gifts Owner.

Lyons says she got the idea by reading about similar events in other parts of the country. Although the shop has done other cancer events over the years, including pink ribbon collections, they wanted to do something that would engage their customers, while having fun at the same time.

“So we feel excited to raise money for something that’s so tangible for our local economy to take hold of,” Lyons said.

It’s also something that hits home with the staff at Dandelions.

“We have had four cancer survivors here at dandelions,” Jackson said.

Last year there were 30 bras competing against each other, raising close to $2,000.

“Helping them if they need help, mowing their lawns, housekeeping, paying their utility bills,” Jackson said.

Both Lyon and Jackson like the fact that the money stays in the Willamette Valley. It goes not only to fighting the disease, but helping people with things like mowing the grass and transportation.

“That’s what this is all about, helping people with the many issues they face as a result of it,” Lyons said.

The deadline for submitting a bra is October 19. The winner will be announced at a reception in the store on October 22. The first-place winner will get a $100 gift certificate for the store and a trophy called The Cup Runneth Over.

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