Brewery Hosts Hawaii Bowl Watch Party

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CORVALLIS, Ore. — Beaver fans gathered at Sky High Brewing in downtown Corvallis Tuesday to watch the team take on Boise State in the Hawaii Bowl.

The brewery just opened a few months ago, and the general manager says they’re usually packed on game days. They hoped to see the same kinds of crowds Tuesday night.

“We anticipate filling the bar up, especially for the game. I think that the fans will definitely come out to watch the game in a great atmosphere.”

That atmosphere includes a rooftop patio, complete with big screens and heaters.

“We definitely try to get a lot of people. The true Oregonians sitting out here on the porch. We have big heaters, watching the game on the big screen.”

The brewery wasn’t very busy during the game. Some Beaver fans say if it hadn’t been Christmas Eve, Sky High is probably where they’d be.

Either way, die-hard fans said they planned to watch the game one way or another.

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