Bridgeway House Burglarized

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EUGENE, Ore. — A school for autistic children in South Eugene was looking for answers after falling victim to a series of break-ins and burglaries Friday.

Staff at the Bridgeway House, located on the 3500 block of Donald Street, was left cleaning up the pieces after they were broken into last night but it wasn’t the first time.

Just within the last week, the school has been broken into three times and administrators are now asking for the community to help.

School administrator Patricia Wigney says she did an inventory and three desktops and three laptops were stolen.

Wigney says she plans to inform parents and students about the situation.

“We’ll be working with students and parents. We’ll probably be calling them tomorrow ahead of time to let them know that there was a break-in in their classroom,” said Wigney.

She says she tried to keep the break ins quiet at first, but it’s now at a point where its not okay and asking for the community to help is necessary. The value of the property stolen has exceeded what the school is insured for.

To donate to the Bridgeway House, click to their website.

Anyone with information should contact Eugene police.

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  1. jasonmarks says:

    duh, take the computers out!!!!!!!!!!

    remember, you are only a victim if you allow it.

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