Bridgeway House Moving to Springfield

EUGENE, Ore. — The Bridgeway House in Eugene is packing up its classrooms and is ready to move its school to a new building.

In just two years, the school has grown from 8 students to 45 and the executive director, Patricia Wigney, says the expanding school now needs a bigger building.

The Bridgeway House offers different services to families and children affected by autism.

Wigney says only the school will be moving to the new Springfield location. All other services will still be at the Eugene location in the Tamarack Center.

With 45 students, only a couple of classrooms and one bathroom, Wigney says they’re new location is much more spacious.

“Beautiful rural location. We can add more programs to that like horseback riding. The space is going to allow us to bring our OT, our dance therapist, art therapist, speech therapist, more into the building to give the students more services while they’re there,” said Wigney.

The new building is on Upper Camp Creek Road in Springfield.

Wigney says if anyone would like to help them with the move,they’re still for more desks and room dividers.

The first day of school at the new building is expected to start on January 8.

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