Bridging the Gap: Juvenile Justice

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EUGENE, Ore. — Lane County has been selected to take part in a juvenile justice program developed by Georgetown University.
The program bridges the gap between the child welfare and juvenile justice systems.
Leaders with the Lane County Juvenile Detention Center say the “Crossover Youth Model” will enable those working on a child’s case to look at the bigger picture.
They say often times when a child has committed a crime, there are other issues at hand that may be the root of the problem.
But until this program from Georgetown, those in the courts system haven’t been able to access an organized list, showing whether a child is in both the juvenile justice system and child welfare.
The program from Georgetown will help with that technical assistance.
“We’re able to utilize the best thinking from both worlds dependency and delinquency this will ensure that we do that in a formalized way,” said Youth Services Assistant Division Manager, John Aarons.
Aarons says the program will help encourage families to be more directly involved in their children’s lives.
Leaders from Georgetown University’s Center for Juvenile Justice Reform will meet with state leaders on May 7th to talk about the first steps in setting up the program.

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