BRING Recycling Site Almost Complete

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EUGENE, Ore. — BRING Recycling is almost finished fixing up its Glenwood site after 14 years.

Crews were out Wednesday taking advantage of the drier weather.

With the capital campaign coming to a close, construction is under way on the final phase of development at the center. That $600,000 phase will develop about a third of the property for outdoor sales and processing, as well as a second on-site storm water filtering system.

Staff members are hoping folks will take advantage of all the site has to offer.

“Reusing things and making better use of things we have is really an important step to both for the local economy, for climate change, the environment and all kinds of reasons,” said Julie Daniel, Executive Director.

The weather has slowed things down a bit, but staff hopes to have the entire project done before the end of spring. The site will remain open during this last phase.

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