Brownsville Celebrates Stand by Me

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BROWNSVILLE, Ore. – The city has changed since 1985 when Stand by Me was filmed, but some of the original locations still remain.

It was a coming-of-age movie set in the fictional 1940s town of Castle Rock, about four boys on a quest to see what’s rumored to be a dead body. But along the way what they really find is the importance of courage, loyalty and friendship.

Tuesday, nearly 30 years after the film was released, Brownsville looks much the same. The facades on Main Street have changed some and businesses have come and gone. But for true fans of the movie, it all looks eerily familiar.

Molly Ulmen came with her family from Walla Walla, Washington. A highlight of the trip was her visit to the treehouse.

“I hope that the people who buy this lot care about it. I hope they care about the tree. I hope nobody cuts it down. I hope they understand it means a lot to people,” Ulmen said.

Some of Tuesday’s activities included a trivia contest, walking tours and fan auditions.

The whole idea of the festival is to capture a special moment in Brownsville’s history, along with remembering an iconic film that many people still hold dear.


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  1. Wade Martin says:

    It should have also been reported that scenes of the movie were filmed here in Lane County. The swamp/leech scene was filmed off Dilley Lane at Hwy 58 in Pleasant Hill. The “Playing Chicken” with the truck, car race and smashing mail boxes scene was on Royal Avenue west of Greenhill Road. The train scenes were filmed in Cottage Grove near Cottage Grove reservoir along with other areas.

  2. barbara dugas says:

    I was teaching at Roosevelt Middle School during the Stand By Me time. I remember the scene where the kids barf–I know Josh Daugherty was in that, and probably April Orem and Siri Vik. Josh and Siri are still in the entertainment world, but they have gone on to roles a lot more sophisticated than those cameos!

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