Budget Committee Considers Options

EUGENE, Ore. — While a majority of Tuesday night’s city budget meeting was spent giving public comment, there was a little time left over for a discussion about funds.

Committee members talked about the possibility of using one-time funds to prevent immediate cuts. The money would come from potential PERS savings or drawing on reserves.

Councilors also voted to sell a parking lot owned by the city to The Shedd Institute for $800,000. The money from that could be another potential source of funding.

“I think due to the depth of the cuts and the value of the services, and obviously the amount of people that are upset about that and coming out and talking about it, I think everyone felt this was an opportunity to take a little more time and be sure,” said Sarah Medary, Eugene Assistant City Manager.

At this point, these are only suggestions. The committee will revisit the options at Thursday night’s meeting.

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