Budget Meeting Held After Fee Fails

EUGENE, Ore. — Just days after Eugene city voters rejected a city service fee, the budget committee was back at the table looking at what’s next for the budget and cuts.

Eugene City Manager Jon Ruiz presented the budget Thursday night.

Now that extra revenue from a city fee will not be collected, the same list of cuts to services were presented. That consists of $5.3 million in service reductions.

That still includes cutting some library branches, the Sheldon Pool, as well as cuts to police and fire.

Some counselors asked about a ‘Plan┬áC’ that would take another look at what needs to be cut, even tap into one-time reserves to save some of these services.

“The Eugene City Council and a couple of committee members mentioned today they may choose a different package of services that they believe should be adjusted or reduced or cut to better meet the goals that the council has set,” said Ruiz.

The Budget Committee will continue to meet to decide on what in fact will be cut.

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  1. ahshucks says:

    If you would get rid of the PER’s package and then cut some of council members you would save a bundle. You don’t need the library’s because of the Internet or charge a fee for the use of the library. Get rid of unions or make them reduce wages, benefits and member fee’s back to 1980 levels. Don’t build a new city building.


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