Burglar Wakes Up Woman in Apartment

EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene Police are urging people to lock doors and windows at night after another burglary while the person was home.

The victim had more than $1,500 worth of belongings stolen while she was in her apartment Sunday morning.

Police say the victim woke up to a noise in her bedroom at 3 a.m. Afraid to get out of bed, she waited until the burglar left before calling police.

Neighbors say it’s unusual something like this would happen in this neighborhood.

“Surprised. I feel it’s safe here,” said neighbor Yimeng Wang.

The way the weather’s been lately, Xiao Wang says she does what she can to keep her apartment cool.

“It’s summer. It’s so hot, so I will open my window during the night and tomorrow it will be okay and the temperature will be low,” said Xiao Wang.

Police say the burglar got in through an unlocked sliding door, and police say it’s not the first time.

“One of my jobs is calling burglary victims and I was going over my stats and over half of them have been unlocked doors and windows this month,” said Margaret Mazzotta, Eugene Crime Prevention Spokeswomen.

Mazzotta says about a third of Eugene burglaries happen when people forget to lock up.

Neighbors of last night’s victim say the area is usually busy and doesn’t seem like a neighborhood for crime.

“Here it’s really safe. Sometimes when I order something and deliveries from UPS, they just put the package in front of our door; it’s safe no one takes it,” said neighbor Yimeng Wang.

Although both neighbors say they’ve left doors and windows unlocked in the past, this situation is enough to make them think twice about doing it in the future.

“Everyone should double check and make sure the door is closed. Even though i feel here it is safe, there are still some bad people,” Yimeng Wang said.

“Lock the door, lock the window every night and double check and make sure all of my expensive stuff is with me,” Xiao Wang  said.

According to the police report, items stolen included a laptop, iPad and her purse that included her license and credit cards.

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