Burn Ban Begins in Lane County

BURN BAN BEGINSEUGENE, Ore. — Fire season is just around the corner. There is no date set for the season this year, but the Oregon Department of Forestry will start training firefighter next week. The ban on backyard burning also begins next week, on June 16th.

ODF is already warning people to be cautious. The latest report on the wildland fire potential doesn’t look great.

“There’s a lot of green up out there and that stuff will turn,” said Brian Dally, a wildland fire supervisor. “Especially if we are going into a much drier than normal season, that’s just added fuel, which when it cures, will fuel a wildfire.”

There is also a new law in effect that prohibits the use of exploding targets and tracer ammunition during fire season. A violation could cost at least 435 dollars.

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  1. DSDriskill says:

    What does this mean for backyard fireplaces and fire pits within the Eugene city limits?

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