Burn Ban in Effect

EUGENE, Ore. — For the first time in more than five years, a wood stove and fireplace burn ban is in place in Eugene, Springfield and Oakridge.

The Lane Regional Air Protection Agency issued the ban over the weekend, saying the current air quality has reached unhealthy levels.

Using a wood stove or fireplace is not allowed, unless your household has an exemption.

Pellet stoves are still okay if they don’t produce any visible smoke.

LRAPA says the ban won’t be lifted until air quality improves, which might not be until mid-week.


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  1. Sean Gillespie says:

    During the clearest days in the last few months air quality is problem now? Seems this ban should also think of the families who use wood heat to survive, or save money during this holiday season. Whats Thanksgiving without a fire?

  2. kelly says:

    so… are they banning the monstrous wood burning plant in West Eugene ALSO?!

  3. David Ben Ya'akov says:

    I think it sort of interesting that you say that there is a burn ban in effect while you post it with a picture that shows five or six chemtrails in the sky. Maybe somebody should tell the government that there needs to be a chemtrail ban?

    1. Kerry says:

      Isn’t that the truth. They spray chemtrails with no thought of the consiquences! While the Pacific Ocean is being radiated by Fukushima causing life to die in the ocean and they worry about wood stoves? Something is wrong with this! I support the chemtrail ban!

  4. hightide6096 says:

    Cold weather will return by next week with maybe moister with it so hopefully the fireplace burn ban is lifted soon because I am cold.

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