Burn Season Ending Soon

EUGENE, Ore. — The unusually dry weather this year has put a damper on the burning season.

The Lane Regional Air Protection Agency says while burning was prohibited this season due to the weather, the official last day of burning will be Saturday.

LRAPA says it worked closely with the Lane County Fire Defense Board to establish when people can and cannot burn.

While the season generally runs from October 1 to June 15, this year’s mostly dry weather and a heavy rain patch caused a few problems.

As summer comes closer, coordinators say the time has come for the burning to stop.

“June 15 is normally what we call the end of the wet weather season and by that time vegetation is fairly dry and fire danger increases. It also marks the beginning of hot weather, which means the ozone levels increase and air quality is also an issue,” said Sally Markos, LRAPA Spokeswoman.

Burning will be allowed from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. until the Saturday deadline.

LRAPA encourages Lane County residents to also consider alternatives such as composting or mulching in lieu of burning. Burning will start up again in fall.

While the burning season will be over soon, LRAPA representatives say recreational and ceremonial burning is allowed in designated areas only.

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