Business Commute Challenge Begins Soon

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — As the weather gets nicer, a lot of us ditch our cars and find another way to get to work. That could be riding a bike, walking or hopping on the bus.

Those habits could help your company win a county-wide competition.

The city of Springfield is just one the workplaces that’s registered for the Business Commute Challenge, and organizers say teams enjoy the competition.

“For our ‘Poker Walkabout’ last year, we had one woman who wore all of her Business Commute Challenge paraphernalia from the past five or six years. She had buttons, and hats, and t-shirts and bags,” said Marcia Maffei, Challenge Coordinator.

It’s tradition for many businesses in Lane County to get out of their cars and get walking, biking or using city transit for a week. The Business Commute Challenge encourages the community to get active.

“It’s an opportunity to find a different way to get to work to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels,” Maffei said.

Here’s how it works: Businesses sign up in teams. A team captain logs the miles each member walks or rides. The team with the most miles wins.

The city of Springfield says it’s great for team building.

“Typically we try and incorporate some social activities. We’ll have an after-work bike on the pathway. Everyone will kind of congregate to a location or favorite watering hole,” said Andy Limbird, Springfield Team Captain.

He says even if people don’t want to walk or bike, city transit is a good option too.

“It’s a great opportunity for people to explore other options. Sometimes they’re not always aware that there’s other options out there. Sometimes there’s certain ideas about public transit that are not really correct,” Limbird said.

He says he hopes people consider biking to work even after the competition.

Those who would like to participate need to register by next Friday to be entered in a drawing to drive a city bus.

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