Business Commute Challenge: Carpool Day

EUGENE, Ore. — The Business Commute Challenge is in it’s sixth day, and Thursday’s theme is a common one–Carpool Day!

A woman who normally carpools every day with her husband told KEZI 9 News because they don’t work together, it takes a little more planning, but it works out well for them.

“We think carpooling is the best choice for us. It’s a small enough town that it’s easy to get around to meetings, walking, biking. We have an office bike, so it makes it easy,” said Nicole Hayward.

She says this week most of her work staff is taking advantage of the commute challenge. They’re even testing out new modes of transportation in the spirit of this community effort.

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  1. James McBryan says:

    Planning is extremely hard to do! Casual carpooling works well, but thats more adhoc, but prearranged is always hard. I know zimride did this a couple years ago but their interface cost money and it seems like they are moving away from carpool planning. Out here in the Bay Area, I created a website called http://www.groupcarpool.com that is currently helping people match up with each other to specific private events. I seriously believe that if we make the planning part of carpooling easier, people will do it because it just makes sense!

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