Business Commute Challenge: Carpooling

By Heather Hintze

VENETA, Ore. — There are two days left of the Business Commute Challenge, and commuters in Eugene and Springfield have saved nearly 40,000 miles.

But finding an alternative way to get to work can be difficult if you live in outlying communities.

Thousands of people drive to work every day, and most are by themselves.

But Amy Klein and her two co-workers from Oregon Community Credit Union make the commute from Veneta to Eugene together.

“Definitely a lot harder. The bus routes don’t work for us. I have to be to work sometimes at 7:30 in the morning and they don’t get there early enough. Can’t ride the bike. Highway 126 is a mad house. So carpooling is about the only option we can do,” said Amy Klein, OCCU Branch Rep.

Amy will take the crew in her Subaru Outback so they can leave their gas guzzlers behind.

“I drive a Jeep Grand Cherokee, so anytime I can drive with someone is great. It costs me $70 to fill up my tank. So if I can carpool one time a week, that saves me a ton of money,” said Kyndal Kayser, carpooling co-worker.

“I’m new to Veneta, I just moved in with Amy. Before, I was 15 minutes away from work, so I didn’t feel the impact of the gas prices or the commute until about a week ago,” said Ashleigh Roy, carpooling co-worker.

The ladies load up and are off to Eugene, happy to be a part of the Business Commute Challenge.

“It’s the coolest thing ever. To get such a huge span of people to participate together for one week just to rethink it and get people going on a different wave length is really cool,” Amy said.

“My favorite thing about carpooling is not only is it helping the environment, but it’s like a therapy group together. We get to have our sessions together and vent on the way to work and have some girl time as well,” Kyndal Kayser, carpooling co-worker.

The Business Commute Challenge is close to meeting its turnout from last year, and it’s not too late to get in the game. Click here for more information.

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