Business Commute Challenge Continues

BikeEUGENE, Ore. — Three down, four to go in the seven-day 2014 Business Commute Challenge.

Tuesday, the challenge included breakfast at the bridges where cyclists received a free bike tune up.

For one week, local businesses and employees are teaming up to see who can get the greatest number of employees to drive less. They’re asked to rethink their commute by using transit, biking, walking, carpooling or telecommuting.

“There really are a good number of reasons for me to commute by bicycle, primarily to save money on gas, but also the fitness aspect and to get outside and enjoy the outdoors, which is a huge part of it as well,” said bicyclist Susan Wahlberg.

Last year more than 2,100 employees at 172 businesses reduced drive-alone miles by more than 69,000. Organizers say that equates to more than 70,000 pounds of carbon dioxide, and saved $13,000 in fuel costs.

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