Business Commute Challenge Kicks Off

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EUGENE, Ore. — The Mini Business Commute Challenge starts Wednesday as a warm-up for the big one in May.

Coordinators set up a warming hut at the LTD Next Stop Center on the corner of Olive and W 11th. Travel options include biking, walking, taking the bus, carpooling and working from home.

Last year was the first year of the Mini Business Commute Challenge and 208 people participated, saving 2,200 miles. Many who participated say it wasn’t a challenge at all.

“People were really surprised by how easy it was and how they really could do it and the cold weather didn’t hamper them,” says Challenge Coordinator Marcia Maffei.

The challenge is three days long and if you decide to take the challenge, you will get the chance to win some amazing prizes like gift cards to Soup Nation and REI.

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