Businesses Benefit from Festival

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JUNCTION CITY, Ore. — Junction City wrapped up its annual Scandinavian Festival on Sunday and businesses around the area said they enjoyed the festival just as much as people who went for fun.

Businesses around the Scandinavian Festival took advantage of all the people who came to Junction City. Rodeo Steak House and Grill owner, Nelson Rosales,¬†made some extra cash by allowing people to park in a spare lot he owns. Rosales charged $5 per car and said during the week the lot’s empty so he embraced the festival as a business opportunity.

“People that come around, they want to try the Scandinavian food. What helps me is this festival brings people from all over the state and that gives me a chance to present my food, my place, so it does impact in a positive way,” Rosales said.

Rosales says this is the fourth year he has been renting out parking spaces to festival go-ers. He says charging for parking during this event help make up for some business he loses to the festival.

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