Businesses Named Finalists for Award

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EUGENE, Ore. — Three Eugene companies are in the running for the Bold Steps Award that recognizes efforts in sustainability.

It was started by the City of Eugene, Mayor Kitty Piercy, and BRING’s Re-Think Business Program a few years ago. The award that was given out once a month is now given out once a year.

“What we’re trying to do is create value in this award that both provides the companies an asset they can use to tell their story and then also a platform that engages the larger community,” said Ethan Nelson, Waste Prevention and Green Building Manager.

The finalists are GloryBee Foods, Life Technologies, and Rainbow Valley Design and Construction. Mayor Piercy will announce the winner during her State of the City Address in January.

“The award itself was created from recycled material that I got from BRING, some of the metal hardware that I got from a motorcycle recycling shop in town. And then the wood parts for the steps and base are recovered from the Cuthbert Amphitheater. They had been the benches there,” said artist Jud Turner.

Nelson says all involved are working to create a greener and more sustainable city from potential award winners to the actual artist creating it.

“The reward itself is to celebrate recycling and sustainability. And by making the award out of pretty much 100 percent recycled materials, that very value is actually woven into the actual design,” Turner said.

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