Businesses Prep for Home Game Days

EUGENE, Ore. — While the Ducks kick things off Saturday, the high school season starts Friday night.

Just like the players, nearby businesses are prepping for the games.

Sheldon High School is just one of several schools hosting the first game of the football season. It also happens to be a school quite near to a shopping plaza. Sheldon sits right along Willakenzie Road, and just across the street are a number of stores that can’t wait to take advantage of the crowds flocking to the field for the game.

While most reported pretty steady sales year-round, many admitted that once the first game rolls around and the kids return to school, things definitely pick up, especially on home game days.

“Business tends to at least triple,” said Subway Sandwich Artist Marcus Emmons.

“More customers come and enjoy our sushi,” said Sushi Seoul Owner Diana Lee.

“It’s just exciting to have the school year start back up again,” said Ron’s Island Grill Employee Brittney Walker.

Shops said it can get pretty hectic on these days. Most of the rush comes just before or after the game.

Most of the places we spoke to that reported an increase in business were restaurants open during the game. Other places said they weren’t affected to much because they were usually closed by the time the game got started.

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