Businesses Prepare for Football Season

EUGENE, Ore. — Both fans of Oregon and Nicholls State football will be heading to town this weekend to watch the two teams square off on the football field.

Saturday’s game is expected to bring thousands of people to Eugene, and businesses are preparing for a busy weekend ahead.

“The graduation here is our, you know, one of our big events, but then you know we gear up for football season after that, so ya, university of oregon events in general are really good for us,” said Courtny Osuna, Phoenix Inn and Suites Guest Service Manager.

Workers at the Phoenix Inn and Suites have been busy checking in guests for this game since Wednesday, marking the start of a welcome busy season for the hotel.

“We sell out every football game that comes to town, especially lately that the Ducks have been doing better the last few years it really helps you know, helps the hotels sell out more,” Osuna said.

And The Cooler Bar and Restaurant located just blocks from Autzen Stadium also enjoys the payout when the Ducks are in town.

“We always look forward to football season. It’s our bread and butter. We enjoy being this close to the stadium, really helps us out every year to get the extra crowd in here and make the extra sales and just have a good time,” said Phillip Barry, The Cooler General Manager.

Each game the bar puts on a tailgate.

“We usually get a couple hundred people,” Barry said.

So workers spent the day Friday setting up tents and adding seating inside, all preparing for the crowd in yellow and green to bring in the green to The Cooler.

“Gamedays are, don’t compare to any other day. They’re huge for us. It’s always nice,” Barry said.

And with Saturday marking the start of a seven-game home season for the Ducks, businesses will continue to beef up staff for all of the upcoming games.

“I love it when they have seven home games every year as opposed to six. So every game kind of relates to an extra week of sales for us, so it’s always a good boost for us,” Barry said.

Both businesses say they’ll be fully staffed for this weekend and all of the upcoming home games during the Duck season.

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