Businesses React to Willamette St. Plan

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EUGENE, Ore. — Local business owners on South Willamette street are reacting to the Eugene City Council’s decision Tuesday night to re-stripe the busy street.

Mayor Kitty Piercy broke Tuesday night’s tie — a vote that will change the face of South Willamette Street.

Local business owners have mixed reviews.

Some say it will make the street more accessible for pedestrians, but others are worried the change will impact their business.

The approved plan will make the current four-lane road, into three lanes: one lane in both directions and a turn lane in the middle.

Bike lanes on both sides would also be added.

Business owners we spoke with say they’ve been waiting for this change for a while.

“I mean nowadays people are trying to design streets for everyone, you know people walking, biking, driving, taking transit, and right now this street is pretty much for driving. And I think it’s a disservice to this business community and it’s something that we really have a chance to change and improve on,” said Arriving by Bike Manager, Kelsey Moore.

Other business owners say they aren’t happy with the decision because it’s not taking into account the welfare of local business.

The lane reconfiguration test is expected to start in the beginning of spring or summer 2015.

After that, the Eugene City Council will revisit the test to see how the community feels about the re-striping.


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  1. Karyn says:

    It will help improve businesses to all the businesses in that area. People avoid that whole strip and ALL its businesses because of the current state of Williamette. Its hard to turn into your selected business Anywhere along that strip between 18th and 30th. You stop all traffic behind you. This is a long time coming.
    Also biking along that stretch is a literal nightmare. No room, curb hopping nightmare of car dodging.
    So the businesses that are whining i think are just used to the status quo. Change is scary. But its also necessary and often for the very best.

  2. David says:

    Let’s look at how many people will now be forced to commute from south eugene via two single lanes of traffic : Hillyard and willamette. I for one will no longer be using Willamette and will avoid the “go cart course” they are going to turn willamette into. It will be bad for business and it will be even worse for those trying to get North. It’s going to put more traffic onto Jefferson and hillyard, again bad for business.

  3. Jaded says:

    I would be more likely to use Willamette street with the new changes. The four lanes are too narrow and dangerous.

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