Businesses Stay Busy During Cold Weather

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EUGENE, Ore. — With temperatures dipping well below freezing and even a chance of snow in the forecast, some local businesses say this cold spell is giving them a boost.

For heating companies and tire stores, cold weather combined with a chance for snow keep these types of companies pretty busy during this time of the year.

“We’ve definitely seen a big increase a lot of customers who have not done their maintenance this year, you know, seeing a results of that,” said Mark Mulligan, Priority One Heating Owner.

For heating companies, this freezing weather is forcing technicians to start early in the morning and work late into the night to repair furnaces. That’s because when it gets this cold any problems with a furnace causes the machine to stop functioning.

“People have thought everything was working fine. They may have been using more energy to heat the house and not knowing the fact that it was not at full capacity,” Mulligan said.

But it’s not just the cold that’s causing businesses to stay busy. Local tire shops say when there’s talk of snow in the valley, people rush in to get their snow tires installed.

“It’s kind of a typical winter. Definitely the pace has stepped up. We just have a lot more customers coming in to get taken care of…It’s a little bit more of a frantic pace, but nothing that we’re not accustomed to,” said Jason Gale, Les Schwab Tire Manager.

Even though snow tires have been legal for more than a month, winter tires–both studded and studless, as well as chains–are flying off the shelves.

“We ramp up for this knowing it’s going to happen every year,” Gale said.

Whether installing tires or repairing furnaces, both businesses say they’re prepared to stay busy through the week and the weekend.

“We expect to see the pace actually increase as it gets closer to Friday and that threat of snow,” Gale said.

“We’re 24 hours a day. I’m sure Sunday we’ll be working also trying to keep up,” Mulligan said.

Both businesses say this boost is something that happens every year, and while it definitely helps keep them busy, they have lots of staff on hand to deal with the busy days.

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