Businesses to Get Rid of Plastic Bags

EUGENE, Ore. — Over the next couple of months, plastic bags will disappear from local stores. The Eugene City Council voted 6-to-2 to approve the bag ban.

It means that businesses like Grocery Outlet that have loads of plastic bags will have to get rid of them within the next six months. The owner of Grocery Outlet says he’ll likely keep the plastic in place through the end of the year to get rid of it.

This ordinance will require a five-cent charge for each paper bag a customer uses in place of the plastic ones.

“We also have reusable bags that we sell, and we have a lot of reminders and posters to remind customers to bring their bags so that it is a smooth transition for the customer,” said Michael Griego, Grocery Outlet owner.

“I do tend to use plastic. I do think it’s easier to carry but probably in six months I could get used to paper or at least bring my own bag,” said Eugene resident Jane Burek.

Exemptions include bags used to carry produce, meat and bulk food.

Eugene is the third city in Oregon to approve this ban. Portland and Corvallis already have it in place.


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  1. Jeff Baysinger says:

    Who gets the 5 cents for something that used to be offered for free? what about the health risks of unclean reusable bags?

  2. Rico says:

    The retailers will miss the shoppers because we all will be doing our shopping in Springfield and while we are there, we will buy our gasoline there also. Somebody has to wake up in city hall but we do have other ways to pressure Eugene.

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