Busy Season Begins for Heating Companies

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — It’s that time of year again when people are turning on the furnace for the first time only to find out it’s not actually working.

Janice Herbert turned on her furnace this week, just like she does every year when the the weather starts to cool down. But this time around, her furnace of 13 years just didn’t seem to be doing the job.

Herbert said, “It took them about 10 minutes. They said, ‘Well, we have bad news for you.” The coil had gone out. So, it needed to be replaced.”

“We’re installing a furnace here. She had a problem with her old furnace that and it was a very old unit. So, it was in her best interest to replace the unit rather than repair it,” said Larry Powell, a service manager at James Heating and Cooling.

The crew spent spent the afternoon installing her new furnace and it wasn’t the only one they were working on this week.

Powell said, ” It’s been real busy. People have started to realize that winter’s here.” And with the sudden cold spell, Powell thinks they’ll definitely be working overtime.

“Seems like we skipped right over fall and went from summer to winter. So, the phone has really been ringing a lot and the guys are all working a lot,” said Powell.

Across town, Priority One Heating and Cooling is keeping busy as well.

Owner Mark Mulligan said, “We’ve definitely seen an increase. The colder weather is bringing something that we haven’t seen in a little while.”

Despite how busy it can get at times, the companies say they’re enjoying the rush to get heat.

Mulligan said, “It’s good for business, you know. We’re six days a week, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.”

Customers said they are satisfied with their new units. “It should last another several years so we’ll have nice heat and it’ll be nice and warm,” said Herbert.

Heating companies say they expect to be working long hours during the next few days to make sure everyone’s heat is is working properly.

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