Busy Travel Day at Eugene Airport

EUGENE, Ore. — Tuesday was the last minute mad dash for travelers to get to their holiday destinations.

The lines to board at the Eugene Airport weren’t that long, but there were large crowds of people waiting for their friends and family who were delayed coming in from other cities.

Grant Jones said he spent several hours waiting for his sister to arrive. “She was due in at 8:26 this morning, and it is now about 1:30.”

Laura O’Brien had a similar experience on her way to Eugene. “It started at 4:30 in the morning when I left Livermore, California and drove to Oakland, parked and then waited at the airport, thinking I was going to get on a plane within an hour, and then three and a half hours later got on a plane,” she said.

Most flight delays in Eugene happened in the morning or early afternoon.

Afternoon and evening flights were mostly running on schedule.

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