Busy Weekend for Party Patrol

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EUGENE, Ore. — It’s the weekend before finals. Sgt. Larry Crompton and six other officers are out to break up celebrations that are getting out of hand. “As the weather changes and becomes nicer we have more foot traffic and people just kind of partying out on the street corners,” said Crompton.

On 14th and Patterson a block party is still going on past permitted hours. Just down the street music and yelling at a nearby house party could be heard from a half block away.

Last year the city of Eugene passed the Social Host Ordinance, which puts a hefty fine on people throwing unruly house parties. Officers say the stricter rules are curbing the number of out of control house parties, but it’s also bringing the bad behavior out onto the streets. “We’ve noticed more foot traffic with open containers. People looking for parties because there’s not as many, so they’re traveling several blocks to find the party and breaking the law by having open containers,” said Crompton.

Which means police are handing out a similar batch of citations every weekend. “It would have to be open container. We do a lot of MIPs, but for the most part open containers, urinating in public and MIPs are the three primary citations,” said Crompton.

After spending several hours in the West University area, patrols move downtown where bars are about to close. “They’re doing last call. Some people will be leaving. They start congregating on the sidewalks, there’s large crowds, they’re intoxicated,” said Crompton.

Police say while party patrol happens year round residents fed up with the late night nose will sleep better soon, since this is the last weekend before school’s out.

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