Busy Weekend for Water Rescues

LANE COUNTY, Ore. — Lane County Search and Rescue crews predicted our first really summer weekend would be a busy one for them out on the water–and they were right.

This year, Lane County has seen three drownings.

That number didn’t grow this weekend, but Lane County Search and Rescue crews say there were quite a few close calls.

Of the six they went out on this weekend, two were at night.

Monday morning, a raft overturned on the McKenzie River.

None of the rescues took long, and everyone made it out of the water safely.

Crews say that’s because most of the victims were wearing a flotation device.

“I expect the week to be as busy as the weekend has been, and it’s probably gonna tax the efforts of Eugene, Springfield fire, water rescue units, as well as Lane County,” said Lane County Search and Rescue Coordinator John Miller.

Miller adds water-goers are making a consistent mistake: not mapping out their routes ahead of time.

He says the character of each body of water can change drastically between seasons.

Miller says he expects more drownings during the summer.

But he hopes the county’s strong educational efforts, which seem to already be having an effect, will keep the number down.

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