C-SPAN Coming to Eugene

EUGENE, Ore. — C-SPAN, the non-profit cable television network, is rolling into town.

Educators, students and community memebers are welcome to board The C-SPAN Bus, a 45-foot interactive learning center. The public tour includes interactive stations demonstrating C-SPAN programming, online resources, how to follow the 113th Congress with C-SPAN’s Congressional Chronicle website, and how to use the C-SPAN Video Library.

The bus will be at the Campbell Community Center, 155 High St. on Tuesday, March 26 from 10:30 a.m. – noon.

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  1. SAB says:

    Why is it that these stories report something as if it is going to happen when it already has happened?
    This was published today 3/26/13. It was posted to the local Yahoo! feed after the event took place.
    I would have loved to share this on Facebook so that some of my friends could have taken their kids to it, but I wasn’t given that option.

    So frustrating!

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