Cab Drivers Prepare for Busy Night

EUGENE, Ore. — A great way to stay safe on New Year’s Eve is to call a cab.

It’s a very busy night for cab drivers all over town.¬†Eugene Hybrid Taxi says cab drivers love the holiday because it’s fun, full of excitement, and they usually average between $300 and $400. When it’s busy, the phones will ring about 70 times an hour with people looking for rides.

“Previous New Year’s Eves I’ve seen people standing in front of bars as late as four o’clock in the morning fighting to get into a taxi, jumping out in front of people as they drive down the street trying to make you stop so they can get in and bribe you with more money than the person you have in your car now is going to pay you,” said David Bowden, Eugene Hybrid Taxi driver.

He says call early, be ready to wait and try and share a taxi with other people.

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