Cable Barrier Stops Truck

EUGENE, Ore. — A semi-truck driver suffered minor injuries following a crash Wednesday night, but experts say it could have been much worse without a new device on the road.

The truck drove into the center median along I-5 near milepost 198.

Oregon State Police say he went through the guardrail divider but was slowed down by a cable barrier. The Oregon Department of Transportation says the cable barrier was installed last year for incidents just like this.

“We targeted lane county to reduce crossover crashes because we had had so many. For a five year period from 2007 to 2011 we had 30 cross over crashes resulting in injuries to more than 20 people and deaths to two people,” said Rick Little ODOT spokesman.

It’s an ongoing project. This year, while doing some repaving along Highway 126, ODOT is installing three and half miles of cable median barrier from Mohawk Boulevard to Main Street. Next year, the focus will be further north on I-5.

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