Call Center Coming to Veneta

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VENETA, Ore. — It won’t be long before a vacant space in Veneta is transformed into a call center, bringing with it nearly 200 jobs.

With about 5,000 people in Veneta, Lane County Commissioner Jay Bozievich says every jobs counts.

Wth 180 jobs, and room to grow to more than 300, news of a new call center have the community sounding off.

“Well I think it’s wonderful if it’s going to create jobs because the community needs it,” said Veneta resident Bolores Barrowman.

In about 90 days, the new first call resolution will move in. Bozievich says this is a step in the right direction for the small city.

“I mean it’s the kind of employment where you could come out of high school, go through their training, start work there and get that first step up the economic ladder,” Bozievich said

The process to bring the center to Lane County began about a year ago. The company based in Roseburg first began negotiations for a space in Cottage Grove, but that fell through. Lane County economic development staff worked with First Call to find another location, and Veneta was a success.

“It’s pretty exciting. And it’s really shows that our economic development folks here don’t give up,” Bozievich said.

It’s our understanding that employees would be answering calls from people calling about other companies, kind of a customer service center.

This increased development, however, sheds light on another issue.

“The road between Veneta and Eugene, Highway 126 is in bad need of development to make it a safer thoroughfare. Well this is one reason getting jobs in Veneta is a reason to make certain we have adequate transportation to lead out there,” said Pat Farr, Lane County Commissioner.

“Anytime you add jobs it’s good. Veneta is a good place for it,” said Veneta resident George Blain.

The call center is expected to begin operations in 90 days. If you’re interested in applying, there will be job listings on First Call’s website closer to when it opens.


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  1. Julie Ruchti says:

    I am an Employment Specialist for St. Vincent de Paul. I’m always looking for new business’ to introduce our programs to. I would love to set up a meeting with the HR to discuss employment needs and the job candidates I’m working with.
    Thank you for your time

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    Employment Specialist
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    How would i apply for this job

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