Camp Helps Students with Disorders Learn

EUGENE, Ore. — Oregon has the second highest percentage of students with autism, and a new business just opened in Eugene to help them learn.

Emily Wilkinson and Monica Bounds opened Academic Boot Camp. They specialize in customized reading, writing, and math programs for students with autism, Asperger syndrome, dyslexia and many other disorders.

Wilkinson says they create a unique educational package that fits with each individual student’s learning process and not try to squeeze them into a mold.

“We try to keep it really fun, and we’re all about positive reinforcement and praising them. So they start to make gains, and we see their self esteem start to rise and rise and rise, and it’s really rewarding for us,” Wilkinson said.

She says right now they only have eleven children enrolled in the boot camp. A student does not have to be diagnosed with a disorder to sign up.

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