Campaign Honors Local Veterans

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EUGENE, Ore. — A new traveling veterans memorial is under way in Lane County and will help pay for the Veterans’ Housing Project by honoring those who serve our country.

The traveling veterans memorial is compact inside a portable tub. It includes flags, dog tags, cards and applications. The ‘Honor a Veteran Campaign’ will directly benefit the Veterans’ Housing Project.

For a minimum donation of $20, anyone can purchase a flag, and it comes with a dog tag. It can be personalized with a veteran’s name, rank, date of service, branch and any short message. The dog tag is then displayed with a flag.

Organizers say approximately 90 percent of the proceeds will go back to the Veterans’ Housing Project for rehabilitation and acquisition of additional homes for veterans.

“We have a committee of four women actually, and each one of us had a thought for a piece of this. One of us thought of the flags. One of us thought of the dog tags. One of us thought of the note cards, and we just put it all together for a unique fundraising campaign,” said Barb Ruiz of the Honor a Veteran Campaign.

It’s a personal campaign, too. A card will be sent to each honored veteran or his or her family informing them of the donation.

Organizers also plan to keep donors updated about where and when the traveling memorial will be on display.

The next place you will see these flags displayed will be at the Veterans Day Parade in Springfield.

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