Campers on the Move, Citations Continue

EUGENE, Ore. – The Eugene Police Department says two SLEEPS members were cited Tuesday for camping on top of the Lane County Public Service Building.

The campers had set up tents on the upper terrace, just around the corner from the Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza.

EPD says they plan to continue issuing citations to anyone who comes back to the area to camp.





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  1. wow really says:

    what I want to know is when you guys were down there filming what’s up with the chick with no shirt on? is it okay to go topless in this town. anyways it wasn’t pretty to look at please cover up

    1. Kay says:

      Being topless is legal in the entire state of Oregon. And your cruel and sexist comments are not welcome.

      1. Ahshucks says:

        OK it’s legal in Oregon to be topless but is it smart to protest topless? If your going to be dumb don’t be stupid! Kay if you have so much sympathy for these people why don’t you provide a place for them to sleep?

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