Camping World Brings Business & Jobs

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COBURG, Ore. — The Lane County economy could finally be digging out of the recession as a new camping retailer is moving into the area.

Camping World announced its plans for a new location off of Interstate 5 in Coburg. The city says the new store could bring lots of jobs to the area.

“Coburg is ready for business, we anticipate steady growth over the next five to ten years,” said Petra Schuetz, Coburg City Administrator.

City administrators say it’s all part of their plan to generate wealth in the area.

“That’s definitely the focus of the mayor and the city council, to look at our economic development strategy,” Schuetz said.

Those jobs are needed after years of a sluggish economy.

“In a period from 2007-2010, during the great recession, we lost about 16,000 jobs here in lane county,” said David Hauser, Eugene Chamber of Commerce president.

The new Camping World store could mean a revitalization as it is expected to bring 70 new jobs.

The investment has businesses and cities alike optimistic about the future.

“We are very pleased to have Camping World. I think it’s great for Coburg,” Schuetz said.

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