Candidates Not in Oregon this Year

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EUGENE, Ore. — In 2008, presidential candidates and even a few of their representatives made numerous visits to Oregon, some right here in Eugene. But some residents told KEZI they feel they’re being left out of the running this year.

In 2008, when the then just Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama came to the University of Oregon, the campus quad was filled with people waiting to hear what he had to say about their role in that year’s election. This time around though, things are looking a little bit differently for Oregonians.

Thousands heard Obama speak live during his second visit to campus in 2008. The Democrats weren’t the only ones hoping to score in Oregon.

John McCain made sure potential voters knew Republicans were interested in their votes too, in a visit to Portland about a week after Obama. But this year, just two months before Election Day, neither party has expressed any interest in rallying this part of the Northwest.

“Right now all the action is happening in swing states–the electoral rich states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Florida, and that’s where all the candidates are spending all their time and money because it’s where they need to get the votes,” said Joseph Lowndes, University of Oregon U.S. Politics professor.

While some folks could see the reason, they couldn’t seem to help but feel a little slighted.

“I think there’s a logic behind it. I think you have to play within the system that you have and I don’t blame them for that,” said UO graduate student Chet Lisiecki.

“All I can say is that nobody likes to be taken for granted,” said Eugene resident Lee Shoemaker.

Many of the potential voters that we spoke with said that while the appearance of this year’s candidates is missing, the excitement doesn’t have to disappear too. This is still a major election year and they say people should still get involved and of course, vote.

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