Student Attacked With A Cane Sword

CORVALLIS, Ore.– Corvallis police arrested two men they say were involved in a violent attack involving a cane sword. They’re still looking for a third suspect. The attack happened early Saturday morning near the intersection of 16th Street and Jackson Avenue.

Investigators say it all started with a domestic dispute between suspect Douglas VonEuen and his girlfriend. The victim, Isaac Granberry, heard the screams and grabbed his cane sword to break up the fight. That’s when witnesses say VonEuen and his friends wrestled the sword away from Granberry and attacked him with it.

Tim Plunkett lives just a few feet away from where it all happened and called 911.

“I saw him beating him with the cane at first and then him getting stabbed or sliced underneath the rib cage… I remember the victim was standing up he knew he was badly, he was obviously really hurt and he was calling for help,” said Plunkett.

Granberry underwent surgery for non-life threatening injuries. The two men in custody are Douglas VonEuen and Anthoni Bassetti. They both face assault charges in the first degree. VonEuen is also facing harrassment charges, disorderly conduct in the second degree, and unlawful possession of cocaine.

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