Cans For Adoption Fundraiser Stolen

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — A Springfield family who’s trying to adopt two special needs students from overseas hit a rut in their fundraising efforts.

Lauren and Don Horton want to adopt two kids from Bulgaria. Gary, the boy, has no hands. Marnie, the girl, has Down syndrome.

The Hortons are adoptive parents to many special-needs children and the family says they have been working hard on fundraising. Their daughter Sabrina, who also has Down syndrome, has also been pitching in.

The Hortons say Sabrina spent hours collecting and sorting donated pop cans to put toward the fees and Wednesday, the four large bags of bottles she had sorted were stolen from their driveway.

The cans are valued at about $80. The family says while that may not be a lot of money in the big scheme of things, it’s still frustrating.

“Because we have worked so hard, every dollar kind of counts to get these kids home. It was disappointing but we have so many blessings in our lives,” said Horton. “Obviously this person needed the money for something. I kind of think if they had known what we were saving it for maybe this wouldn’t have happened.”

The family has set up a Facebook page highlighting their journey and their fundraising efforts.

Reece’s Rainbow, an adoption grant foundation, is helping facilitate the adoption.

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