Canyonville Shooting Suspect Wanted

David Baumgaertel

David Baumgaertel

CANYONVILLE, Ore. — The search is on for a suspect involved in a shooting in Canyonville may have been spotted in Creswell Wednesday night. Deputies say he is considered armed and dangerous.

On Wednesday just before 5 p.m., deputies say 39-year-old David Allen Baumgaertel, of Myrtle Creek, shot a 23-year-old Canyonville man that was sitting in a parked car in the 400 block of Mont Street.

When deputies arrived, they found the victim conscious and breathing with a gunshot wound to the head.

Deputies say the victim and witnesses identified Baumgaertel as the shooter.

“If anyone sees this individual, they should not approach him. He should be considered armed and dangerous. Instead, they should call 911 or their local law enforcement agency if they have any information,” said Dwes Hutson, Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies are still looking for Baumgaertel and his vehicle. He is described as a a white male, 5’11”, 205 lbs, balding or shaved head, with large tattoos on his forehead and neck. They say he has a tear drop tattoo next to his right eye. They say he was last known to live in the Myrtle Creek area, but until recently he has spent most of his life in California. The sheriff’s office says the victim and suspect know each other.

The sheriff’s office says Baumgaertel was last seen driving a red 2001 Honda Civic, with Oregon license plates, 533FAE. It says the car was last known to have a black colored hood with a skull painted on it.

The sheriff’s office says Baumgaertel is wanted for attempted murder and he should be considered armed and dangerous. Anyone with information about where he is should contact local law enforcement immediately.

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  1. Lazerian says:

    Wow- this story is getting Old- I just want to know one thing… WHAT DID THE “VICTIM” DO TO Mr. DAVID???

    $10 Says That the “Victim” was Running His Neck and making Threats… But that wouldn’t be as Interesting now would it?

    Armed and Dangerous? What about the “Victim”? I have another $10 that says he wasn’t Driving Home From Bible Study…

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