Capstone Housing Project Gets Started

EUGENE, Ore. — The dust is finally setting as a major demolition process comes to a close. It’s out with the old PeaceHealth building at 13th Street and Olive Street and in with the new Capstone Housing Project.

Contractors are sorting through the massive amount of debris at the site, separating the metal and concrete. All the concrete will be ground up and made into gravel for the project and the metal will be recycled.

This demolition portion should be wrapped up within a week, then crews will work on prepping the site for construction.

“We continue to put water on the site to keep the dust down, and we also continue to talk with all the neighbors so they know what’s going on on site, so there’s nothing unexpected going on that they don’t know about,” said Pat Walsh, Capstone Housing Project Spokesperson.

Walsh says, for the most part, neighboring businesses have been positive about the process.

Building the five-story project should start by late December and students are expected to be moving into the more than 350 units by August or September.

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  1. don gray says:

    Who is the genreal contractor? Are they using local sub contractors ? If not why ? Impact on local job market

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