Captioning Glasses Available in Theaters

EUGENE, Ore. — Regal Cinemas are providing more convenient options for their hearing-impaired patrons with new Sony closed captioning glasses.

Regal distributed the glasses to 6,000 of its theaters across the country, including 10 pairs to its location in Eugene.

So now, rather than going to specific closed-captioned showings, which the Eugene Regal theater offers twice a day, hearing impaired patrons can take the glasses to any showing they like.

“I think it’s good service, just for those who are impaired to have ease of looking at a movie without worrying about subtitles,” said movie theater patron Joey Gayles.

“I think it’s a good idea for those that need those, because that way they have as much freedom as those who can hear,” said movie theater patrol Cathy Nitkowski.

The glasses are free to use and are available at the ticket counter.

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