Car Almost Backs into Amazon Creek

EUGENE, Ore. — A car almost ended up in the Amazon slough Tuesday morning, but not because of the weather.

The Eugene resident says he was backing out of his driveway across from the slough when his car sped up to 150 miles per hour. Luckily it stopped before he hit the water.

He and the car appeared to be fine, but AAA did have to come tow his car of the trees.


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  1. bill starbuck says:

    that is called, I hit the gas instead of the brake.

    don’t be silly, no one believes your car took off all by itself.

    150 miles an hour? does that 4 cylinder even go that fast in drive yet alone reverse?

  2. Tazzman69 says:

    There is simply no way this man traveled at 150 Miles Per Hour in reverse. That is impossible unless the car was heavily modified. And even then, it’s a stretch.

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