Car Break-ins Spike in Eugene

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EUGENE, Ore. — Car break-ins are extremely high all over town. They’ve actually doubled, and it seems no one is safe from the thieves.

This time last year John Danyeur found himself the victim of a car break-in.

“It was actually pretty bizarre. I actually went out to my car and noticed it was kind of cold inside and looked and saw my right-side door was open,” Danyeur said.

He said he didn’t have much of anything for the thief to take, but he did take his piece of mind.

“It’s just an invasion of privacy,” Danyeur said.

That invasion of privacy is happening now at an alarming rate. From Dec. 4 through Dec. 10, EPD investigated 93 car break-ins. During a normal week, there are about 45.

“That’s a little concerning in the last week they’ve doubled. That’s a lot,” said Caitlin Kjempereud.

“That is extremely surprising to me. I really didn’t expect any number, especially in the last week, to be that high,” Danyeur said.

EPD Crime Prevention Specialist Lisa Barrong showed us a list of the items taken. They range from iPods to purses–and get this–even a pie!

“You can’t leave anything in your car. It’s not you can’t leave anything valuable, it’s don’t leave anything in the car. What I am trying to tell people is if you wouldn’t leave sitting on the sidewalk unattended, then don’t leave it in your car,” Barrong said.

The break-ins are happening all around town and it doesn’t appear to be the same person. And 44 of the 93 break-ins were from broken windows.

“The noise of the window breaking is extremely quiet. The nose of the glass hitting the ground is louder than the actual break of the window,” Barrong said.

EPD is trying to catch the culprits, but in the meantime, it says the public must play a part and keep those cars as unappealing as possible.

EPD also says mid to late ’90s Toyotas and Hondas are getting broken into with shaved keys. Those are the cars most commonly stolen nationwide.


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  1. Paradise says:

    Hey why not…its not like lane county will lock them up.
    Best thing Eugene can do is charge them with a misd. in Springfield..at least they would do something

  2. Rich says:

    Paradise is exactly right. This ongoing campaign for more tax dollars has made crime a no risk activity in Eugene.

  3. Colin says:

    KEZI, is paradise correct? What would a person arrested and convicted of car burglary receive in terms of sentencing?

  4. mearle says:

    These thieves are going to end up shot..

  5. Casey says:

    I’ve heard from police officers in the area that the district attorneys are not even filing on many property crimes due to a “lack of resources.” So criminals may get arrested, kicked lose from jail immedietly due to capacity based release, and then never even have it go on their record because we can’t afford to prosecute.

    That would be a good story for a hungry investigative reporter to pursue. Then follow up with somone explaining the county budget in laymens terms and comparing spending to other counties or cities. i.e., look at what LCSO’s budget for the jail and compare it to the city budget in Springfield.

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