Car Crashes into Building

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EUGENE, Ore. — A Springfield woman crashed into a vacant building early¬†Saturday morning.

Eugene Police say around 3 a.m. an officer was traveling west bound on Broadway Street when the car ahead of him lost control and crashed into the the former Oregonians Credit Union on the corner of the 3600 block of East 8th Avenue.

EPD says Shayna Snyder, 25, lost control of her car and crashed into the building. They say she’s lucky to be alive.

Officers say Snyder had around twice the legal limit of alcohol in her system and charged her with DUII.

EPD says it’s trying to crack down on a pattern of drinking and driving accidents.

“Last night was a great example of having two notable crashes, one as we discussed into the Delta Pond and now one into a building that missed two innocent civilians by ten feet,” said Sgt. Tim Haywood, Eugene Police.

There’s no estimate on damages yet.


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