Car Crashes into Power Pole

EUGENE, Ore. — A Eugene woman is in the hospital after she crashed her car into a telephone pole Monday morning.

Police say around 11 a.m., 66-year-old Marguerite Zalaud crashed her van head on into a pole at Roosevelt Boulevard and Garfield Street. Police said she was experiencing a medical issue.

Drivers and pedestrians were asked to avoid the area as roads were shut down for about two hours. EWEB says they’re working on replacing the pole.

“We don’t have any customers without power. We will be replacing the pole. To what extent we’re not sure right now, but the pole will need to be replaced,” said EWEB employee Brian Shepherd.

EWEB says the pole services 5,000-6,000 customers. About five people will be without power when they do replace it. It could take 10 to 12 hours to replace. EWEB says there’s no danger to residents.

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  1. Rob says:

    I dont know what medical condition she had but I do believe it would be good to have state laws revamped so that after the age of 60 you have to retest the driving part to renew your drivers license

    they should be given a driving test that includes driving in town and entering the highway and then if they can not drive the posted speed or merge onto the highway at highway speeds only issue therm a limited license.

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