Career Convention Looks for Businesses

Career Day BizCORVALLIS, Ore. — A Corvallis career convention is calling all businesses.

The Benton County High School Career Convention takes place next month on OSU’s campus.┬áIt is a chance for high school juniors to see what kinds of careers they might want to pursue. They’ll sit through mock interviews and hear various career talks.

Organizers say it’s a nice way for businesses to get involved in the community.

“It kind of gives them an idea about what the work force is going to look like in the future. But I think the biggest thing is just to have, so we know one day a year, that businesses and volunteers really have a chance to support the students and the district,” said Donna Keim, the Convention Chair.

Keim says the group is looking for businesses to represent themselves in booths, and speakers who can talk about their career paths.

“I want to get a little bit of everything, so students feel like they can ask those questions in the areas and career paths that they’re interested in,” Keim said. “So variety is huge. If you have a unique store, I want to hear about!”

Keim says in particular, it would be great to hear from a truck driver or someone with an auto body repair shop – two types of jobs she says have many job openings around the state.

For more information about getting involved, click here, or call Donna Keim at: (541) 740-1309.

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