Carl’s Jr. Closes After 21 Years

EUGENE, Ore. – A landmark and a source of late night stacks for the students at the University of Oregon closed its doors Monday.

The Carl’s Jr. at the corner of Broadway Avenue and Hilyard Street closed for good after 21 years of business.

Owner of the Carl’s Jr. and the restaurants president, Joe Karcher, says closing the location was about more than just leaving the building, it’s also about leaving a piece of family and Eugene history behind.

“Anytime you’ve had something for that many years there’s a lot of memories in there,” Karcher said.

Karcher owns 26 Carl’s Jr. in Oregon and sees the rush of business at his other stores; but as of late, the location near the UO campus has presented a challenge.

“There are limitations for this property for my type of business. The access is a little challenging. The drive-thru stack, the drive-thru access is a little challenging,” Karcher said.

For 17 years, the location served as Karchers corporate office. The decision to not to renew the lease on the building was a tough one for, but says it was the best business decision.

“We’ve had this location for 20 plus years and it’s served us really well over that time. It’s just gotten to the point where it needed a major remodel to meet the corporate standards,” Karcher said.

Compared to his other restaurants, Karcher said profits weren’t as high.

“The lease was up on this location and I’ve decided that instead of investing that money into this store I’d put my attention to the other location,” Karcher said.

Karcher, also the son of the Carl’s Jr.’s founder, says the seating in the building didn’t fit his business concept.

“It’s a good location. There’s a lot more seating in here than I need. Our typical footprint is a lot smaller than this has as far as the amount of seating,” Karcher said.

As far as he knows, the majority of the employees have been relocated to other Carl’s Jr. locations. Karcher says he has no plans to open up a new location, but would eventually like to open up another Carl’s Jr. in that part of town.

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  1. jason marks says:

    i can’t believe it has been 21 years. I remember when it was RAX.

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